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Years ago a good friend of mine asked me
to grow some garlic in my garden ...

The Garlic Guy, NH

The Garlic Guy

I’ve been a gardener for most of my life having learned some basic gardening skills from my dad as a young boy. Of course by now I’ve honed those skills and can grow most crops pretty well, but I didn’t know a thing about growing garlic.

After I did a little research I thought I would give it a try and grow some garlic. I ordered eight bulbs of both the hardneck and softneck variety and set about planting the popped cloves in the ground in October of 2004. It was a small crop but I was pleased with what I grew and went about saving the bulbs I had harvested for the next growing season. It was all I could do to keep my wife out of the garlic bucket, but I managed to replant a little more stock the next growing season.

Over the years we have continued to organically enrich our soils, increase our available growing areas, and improve our growing techniques.

14 years later ...

We are very excited that we have over 30 different varieties of softneck and hardneck garlic growing in our fields and high tunnels for 2018.

While German White, German Extra Hardy, Music and Russian Red continue to be our mainstays, we have lots of additional varieties we experiment with each year in small amounts to determine which ones will grow best in our soils and add additional flavor to our value-added products.

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Our products

1oz Garlic Powder Jar
1oz Garlic Powder Jar
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3oz Garlic Powder Jar
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1.5oz Garlic Powder Jar

Farmer's Market

So it’s time now to gear up for pulling scapes, keeping the weeds down, and looking forward to a bountiful harvest in July so that we can begin processing the first week or so in August. We know folks are waiting for our garlic powder! We invite you to stop by the farm. If not, we hope you visit our website often to check for updates on what’s happening at the farm.

This year, starting in about the middle of June, we will be at the Concord, NH farmer’s market on Saturdays and at the Salem, NH farmer’s market on Sundays. If you live in these parts we hope you will find the time to stop by and visit us at those markets. They are truly magnificent community events!

The Garlic Guy