The Garlic Guy


Hi everyone,

My name is Adam and I am the youngest child of the Garlic Guy. Lindon Farm has been my home for 24 years, and it has never been a boring day to say the least. The farm has been an integral part of my family every year, creating constant memories. It has been a pleasure every year to harvest each crop, from tomatoes to beans to pumpkins. The satisfaction of cooking a meal using the freshest ingredients can not be beat! I have always been impressed at the quality of fruits and vegetables that come out our great soil.

I graduated from Providence College in 2008 and obtained a bachelors degree in marketing and finance. My contribution to the farm is multi-faceted. I like to maintain the online operations of mostly, but I do enjoy getting my hands dirty on the farm from time to time. After all–who can turn down pulling thousands of garlic bulbs by hand out of the ground? If I am not planting or harvesting, I am consulting my father about simple business practices so that YOU can receive the best garlic experience.

I look forward to hearing your stories about using our garlic powder, and I’ll be sharing mine as well.