The Garlic Guy

What’s Between the Sticks?

February 12th, 2012

Garlic, that’s what! We have about 65 different varieties growing in both of our fields this year. While we concentrate on growing large sized Porcelains like German White and Music, we have planted small amounts of some other varieties we have never grown before in the hopes of developing some new flavors for our blend of gourmet garlic powder and granules which have become our mainstay products. The interest in our gourmet garlic powder and granules continues to amaze us and pushes us forward to make more of it and make it better … as if that were possible!

Last year at two of the garlic festivals we attended, we test marketed some of our garlic chunks in a grinder jar. I can say that the product was well received and lots of folks wanted to buy the grinder jar filled with garlic chunks right off the bat. Sorry, they weren’t available for sale as we had just received the jars a couple of weeks before our first festival and we were concerned about the quality of the grinder mechanism. We have now come across yet another grinder jar and are testing it also for performance. While it’s one thing to have great tasting products, it’s quite another to use a container which can hold up to all those twists and turns. I think we’re on our way to developing what for us will be a new product and we just know that people are going to like it. I mean, what’s more flavorful than to have fresh ground garlic on top of your pasta or pizza or nachos! I certainly can’t think of anything myself.

FarmallTo try to help us keep ahead of the weeds this year we’ve acquired a Model 140 Farmall tractor close to my brother’s farm in Kentucky. This tractor was manufactured in and around 1962 and it’s showing its age … but it runs well, and after a little sprucing up it will look just fine. I like these old tractors because the steering wheel is offset and the driver can look right down below to see where the cultivating shovels are taking care of the weeds in our garlic rows. Every tractor has a story and I’m told this one was used for weeding tobacco rows in Kentucky back in the day. I’m trying to get ahold of the original owner to learn more about its history. This brings to four the number of tractors we have here at the farm. In fact, I have another Model 140 Farmall I acquired over the summer from a local farmer. Given that there were only about 69,000 of this model built by Farmall, I feel lucky to have two of them and I know they are going to contribute mightily to our success in growing great garlic here at our Lakes Region farm.

We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for taking the time to visit our farm via our website.

The Garlic Guy!